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We are part of the HUMAN community We made the decision to join the HUMAN family after reaching the conclusion that our community was not being provided with easy nutrition options in a convenient and accessible method. The experience that brought us to this decision was during our frequent visits to the local recreation center. We noticed that this place of wellness did not offer healthy options for patrons to choose from. The drinks and snacks available were not in line with the overall purpose of the location: creating health and wellness. As we put more thought into this venture, we found that HUMAN had the most advanced vending technology along with the highest health and product standards. Upon opening communications with HUMAN we learned that their goals aligned with our vision and goals "to make easy nutrition everywhere". The HUMAN program opens up limitless avenues for us to enhance our community through health and wellness.

"The most rewarding aspect of being a social entrepreneur is having your work create an impact that aligns with your passion. Another fulfilling part of being a social entrepreneur is helping to educate people, especially young minds, on how to enhance their lives."

We are part of the HUMAN community


Cape Henry Collegiate School "We are pleased with our decision to provide the HUMAN Healthy Vending program to our students at Cape Henry Collegiate. Our students love it, their parents approve and the School feels good knowing our community always has healthy snack choices available to them." Karen Bennis, Business Manager

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Cape Henry Collegiate School

Va Beach Public Schools

Boys and Girls Club of Southeastern VA

Rudy and Kelly Academy