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The HUMAN Difference

We are part of the HUMAN community There are three areas that set us apart from the average vending operator: our program, our products and our machines. Our program focuses on building relationships with our locations, and we achieve this by utilizing sampling and snack school events as well as actively managing location satisfaction. Our products are not your traditional vending items. They are all-natural, mostly all organic, and we have the ability to serve fresh fruit, vegetables and salads. Our machines are the most advanced vending machines in the field with features such as credit/debit card capability, soft drop elevator, infrared sensors that eliminate misvends, eco-friendly low power consumption, and conveyor belts that increase product capacity. Furthermore, on top of our machines you will find a 23" LCD screen that displays product nutrition information as well as general health tips.

We are part of the HUMAN community

The HUMAN 10-finger service guarantee

1. COMMISSIONS. We guarantee that if your location qualifies for sales commissions, they will, without question, be paid every single month and given to you along with a detailed sales report. We believe in complete, absolute transparency.

2. PRODUCTS. We guarantee to offer great-tasting, healthier products that meet your preferred price points and your nutritional guidelines 100% of the time.

3. STOCKING. We guarantee that your machine(s) are always adequately stocked with product and product inventory is monitored via the industry's most advanced remote monitoring technology. Empty slots are replenished within 24 hours.

4. EDUCATION. We guarantee that our healthy vending machines include educational information about the products inside the machine, typically via on-machine LCD screens that also display nutritional tips and health advice.

5. PHILANTHROPY. We guarantee that we give 10% of our profits back to charities that fight obesity and malnutrition.

6. ENVIRONMENT. We guarantee that we provide you with eco-friendlier machines that save at least 30% on energy costs.

7. WELLNESS. We guarantee that we go the extra mile to become an integrated part of your wellness efforts by conducting sampling and wellness events (optional).

8. SERVICE. We guarantee that we provide you with the most reliable, most-innovative new machines serviced by local, passionate operators that have a vested interest in your machines' performance. No more broken-down machines.

9. COMMUNICATION. We guarantee that we consistently interact with you and the people at your location making sure to implement changes in our program and service if necessary.

10. IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU. We can customize this agreement as necessary to ensure you are satisfied with our service.