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Healthy Products

  • Horizon Milk
  • Pirates Booty
  • Pop Chips
  • Sambazon Smoothies
  • Stacys Pita Chips
  • Zico Coconut Water
HUMAN Healthy Vending Products Contain:

Healthy Vending Products
  • Whole grains
  • Organic ingredients
  • Natural sweeteners or no added sweeteners
  • Balanced carb, fat and protein ratio
  • No chemically-altered fat (trans fat) or sugar
  • No artificial colors
  • Realistic serving sizes
  • Limited salt
  • Ingredients you can pronounce and find in your own kitchen
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HUMAN Healthy Swaps :

Healthy Alternatives

Nutrition Information

Do you know how to read a nutrition label? They contain the vital information you need to know before you make your healthy choices.

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Nutrition Labels

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